Andy Warhol


Andy Warhol (1928-1987) was an American artist, and leading figure in the Pop Art movement starting in the 1960s.


Sir Eduardo Paolozzi

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi is a Scottish collage, sculpture and print artist. He is known widely as the Grandfather of the Pop Art movement.

Human Fate and World Powers
Human Fate and World Powers
Human Fate and World Powers
Human Fate and World Powers, 1970; from the portfolio Zero Energy Experiment Pile (Z.E.E.P.) Sir Eduardo Paolozzi CBE RA,
£1 495.00
Underground Design Folio X
Underground Design Folio X
Underground Design Folio X
Sir Eduardo Paolozzi CBE RA, Underground Design Folio X, a collection of prints, essays and conversations

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About Andy Warhol

From Campbells soup cans to his iconic hair, Andy Warhol was one of the most distinctive artists of his era. Warhol liked to use bright colours and silk screen printing techniques to mass-produce artworks in a 'factory' style production line.

The pineapple connection to Reading

A local historical delight, pineapples are of interest to our area of Berkshire.

According to the tale, King Charles II was given one of the first pineapples bought to the British Isles from Barbados. He ate the fruit, then gifted the spiky leafy top to Roger Palmer of Reading. Palmer planted the spiky top in his garden at Dorney Court.

Palmer’s was the first pineapple plant to be grown in England. The story goes that once the plant yielded fruit, Palmer gifted it back to King Charles, and the pineapple became the unofficial symbol of the Restoration period. Pineapple motifs and carvings are displayed to this day at Dorney Court, as a proud symbol of their heritage.