Brendan Neiland

Brendan Neiland


Brendan Neiland crafts beautiful works from studying patterns of reflection in architecture. Learn more about the artist in our blog ‘Brendan Neiland: Interpreting the modern landscape‘. Please have a look at the works we currently have for sale. If you do not see quite the right one we can work with you to source the perfect print.


Blue Marble

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Blue Marble, resin, acrylic, and gold on panel, Simone Bonnett
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Artist: Simone Bonnett (find out more)

Medium: Resin, acrylic, and gold on panel
Size: 305 x 305mm

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Brendan Neiland

About Brendan Neiland

Brendan Neiland, born 1941 in Litchfield Staffordshire, has had many notable points in his career to date. Most striking perhaps was his election to the Royal Academy in 1992. . . or perhaps his dismissal in 2004. Notoriety has followed. Yet his consistent exploration of reflections and modern architecture give him a unique niche that we hope you enjoy.