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Black History, White History, Our History; Confronting pre-formed labels with attitude. History following nationalistic boundaries have all too easily lost what is not conformist. Yet otherness is mainstream, and we collectively make our stories. Glory Samjolly brings this dialogue to the fore, blurring stereotyped lines and reintroducing us to what makes our collective story special. Have a look at her work and contact us for more information.

Dehumanisation lll

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Dehumanisation lll, limited edition 1 of 150 print, Chagla Mehmet
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Artist: Chagla Mehmet

Medium: Limited edition 1 of 150 print, unframed

Size: 560 mm x 1000 mm

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About Glory

Born and raised in London, Glory Samjolly is a multidisciplinary artist, beginning her artistic journey at Eltham Hill Girls School and later pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Painting in 2017. Art history is a critical subject to her, and led her to create the enterprise “Black Aristocratic Art” in 2019. This enterprise seeks to decolonise what is presented in the mainstream curriculum as ‘art history’. Glory was featured in the National Gallery’s Degazine event and zine in March 2020, and graduated in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. She also exhibited her series Dear Archives in Central Saint Martins window gallery in October 2020.


Painting our Past: The African Diaspora in England
English Heritage invited Glory Samjolly, along with five other artists, to paint a piece for one of their buildings. The individual Glory painted was James Chappell (available for sale with us as a limited edition print) for Kirby Hall, Northamptonshire.

The Black Aristocrat Art
Compiled and edited by Glory Samjolly