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New up and coming artist Grace Boyle has a beautiful style reminiscent of textile designs. Each artwork blends wit, colour, and nostalgia to create modern statements. Please have a look at her work and email if you would like some more information.


False Histories

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False Histories, resin, acrylic, and gold on panel, Simone Bonnett
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Artist: Simone Bonnett (find out more)

Medium: Resin, acrylic, and gold on panel
Size: 600 x 600mm

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About Grace

Grace Boyle’s style of design developed and matured whilst she studied at Chelsea College of Arts, she experimented with her mark-making, drawing skills, and a bold use of colour and patterns which have become embedded in her style. Creating collage prints, using photos of people and portraiture as the core of her designs, these pieces of art create a story using carefully curated imagery. Central to her work is the use of collage and the powerful technique it can be. It allows for layering of the storytelling and invites the viewer to look closer and see the depth of detail, the hidden meanings, the untold stories, the intangible nature of the past. Grace has sought to understand the subtleties and impact collage can have on her artistic process, developing her own personal digital collage style, drawing on the emotional durability of this medium.