Melissa Vipritskaya Topal


Melissa Topal is an incredible abstract artist. She applies wit and humour to every work through her titles. Images emerge and morph as you learn their true meaning. See all of her works for sale below and learn more about her work here.

Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein, original prints by one of the greats of the Pop Art movement.
As I Opened Fire
As I Opened Fire
As I Opened Fire
As I Opened Fire, Roy Lichtenstein, Edition print (Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, copy right 1964 c/o Beeldrecht Amsterdam)
£2 950.00


Selected Works

Other works by Melissa that are both sold and unsold. Please have a look.

About Melissa Topal

Melissa Vipritskaya Topal is a Russian-Turkish contemporary artist working in London. She grew up in Moscow in an international family, surrounded by art, music, and theatre. As an artist, she was shaped by several key factors of identity, and the multiculturalism of the environments where she developed as a person became crucial.

Melissa’s art is her way of self-discovery/understanding and a voyage in her inner self to reproduce memories or feelings, her thoughts. While creating, she is always balancing between her intuition, reason, and heart. She prefers to give space to the viewer to think, rather than to explain what the painting is about. She creates a space with her paintings where the spectator can immerse in own thoughts.

Melissa uses a wide range of contemporary art materials and drawing media, but her favourite is acrylics, such as ink, heavy body and high flow acrylic paint, markers, spray paint, and other acrylic mediums.