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Sally Castle is an amazing local artist who produces limited edition linocut prints of the surrounding area. See all of her works for sale below.

Reverse Gilded and Hand Painted Letters

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Reverse glass gilded letters, by Aaron Stephens, gold glass and enamel paints, 160 x 160mm
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These letters have been designed, gilded, and painted onto glass using traditional hand techniques. Any letter and an '&' is available.

Artist: Aaron Stephens (find out more)

Medium: Gold leaf and enamel paints on glass
Size: 160 x 160mm

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Previously sold works

Sally's reduction print process

"Never smile at a crocodile is a two colour reduction print, done for my daughter Laura when she was in Australia. First stage was to cut away anything that I wanted to remain white (the scales on his back etc.) Anything left raised up in relief was inked and printed with yellow ink. I printed ten prints.
Next stage was to cut away anything that I wanted to remain yellow. Anything left raised up was inked and printed with green ink.
The knack is to get the registration spot on… I messed up three and ended up with
seven good prints. It’s a do or die process because once the block is cut away, the stages cannot be repeated!"

Sally Castle's Standing Stone in Readings Forbury Square

Sally designed the standing stone in Forbury Square.  It was carved by Matt Doyle.