Sammy Hexter-Andrews, artist

Sammy Hexter-Andrews


Below are a range of works by our new up and coming artist Sammy Hexter-Andrews. Please call 0118 948 1610 or email for more details.

Selected Works

About Sammy Hexter-Andrews

Sammy designs paintings in mixed media to reflect ideas and emotions in which she has heavily invested. She begins by crafting an essay on a topic. This is a process with meditative qualities in which she ritually explores a subject, before expanding on this work with further research. Sammy then creates her paintings as an abstract distillation of this essay. Shapes and colours capture the essence of her topic, where picture and form can distract, creating vibrant and intricate compositions.

Sammy's unique approach is grounded in the way she has self taught herself while pursuing a different career and raising a family. Since 2017 she has taken the leap of faith to become a professional artist and has exhibited at a number of exhibitions and fairs.

Each of her pictures is a story from idea to creation. All of them are now waiting to connect with a new audience. Please call us on 01189461610 or email to find out more about an artwork that connects with you.