Super Xiao Ma

Super Xiao Ma


Duncan, aka Super Xiao Ma, is a spiritual artist who creates works based on personal experiences and as a reaction to an emotional reflection on events he experiences. Please have a look at his work below or visit the gallery to learn more.


Aaron Stephens

Aaron Stephens uses traditional sign writing techniques to produce intricate reverse glass gilded and painted works.

Reverse Gilded and Hand Painted Letters
Reverse Gilded and Hand Painted Letters
Reverse Gilded and Hand Painted Letters
Reverse glass gilded letters, by Aaron Stephens, gold glass and enamel paints, 160 x 160mm

Symbolism, Symmetry, Structure

The 6th artwork in the 9 Gates of JZ series is completely symmetrical. Super Xiao Ma uses techniques like the Golden Ratio to make his works incredibly visually appealing.

Super Xiao Ma’s Limited Edition Prints are all editions of 81. This is because in China, 9 is known as the highest number. What’s after 9? 10, a 1 and a 0.

For this reason, 9 represents longevity and eternity. By multiplying 9 by itself, Super Xiao Ma continues the theme of endlessness within his work.

The 9 gates of JZ are the 9 ancient gates of the city of Jingzhou, where Super Xiao Ma spent time living. The artworks were created in Jingzhou, in a cafe where the artist used the china tea cups and saucers to draw the concentric circles within the work.

About the Artist

Super Xiao Ma, is a self-taught artist with a focus on abstract painting, drawing, sculpture and street art.

Since a young age, the Berkshire born artist has been involved in art making and was nurtured throughout childhood to harness creative energy by observing a number of contemporary masters at work in their studios. In the late 90's, this passion was further honed delving into London's Street Art scene.

​Duncan has since adopted the nom de plume 'Super Xiao Ma' when travelling around China as a reflection of his ethos and approach to life and his artistic expression.

'Art I create is done so in the spirit of communicating a reaction to the environment around me.'