Aaron Stephens

About Aaron

Aaron Stephens is a gifted artist who creates mind blowingly complicated signs using reverse glass gilding techniques. Each work has to be meticulously designed so that the paints and gold leaf are applied in the correct order to the back of the glass to make these beautiful and vibrant pieces. Please have a look at the works we have and contact us for more detail.

Aaron Stephens creates these unique letters entirely by hand using traditional and time-honoured techniques, including pen and ink drawing, gold leaf gilding, silk screen printing, acid etching and brush painting.

As hand-made pieces of art no two letters are completely alike, Aaron Stephens prides himself on never using a computer to assist with design or execution of artworks.

Aaron has spent many years honing the skills of Signwriting and Fairground Art, having joined Carters Steam Fair in 2007 as an apprentice sign writer. Painting and gilding the many rides, lorries, and trailers seen on the fair by hand.

Aaron soon learnt about the tradition of reverse glass sign writing and gilding used extensively in the nineteenth century in many settings and decided to learn the skills required to paint signs on glass. Inspired by the designs and typography of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and influenced by the styling of the British Fairground, Aaron’s glass signs always catch the eye whatever the setting!

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