Andrew Field, local Reading artist

Andrew Field
Andrew Field will be the first artist of the year displaying at The Caversham Picture Framer. Andrew is a visual artist and art teacher living in Caversham, Reading. He studied Fine Art at Canterbury. 

This exhibition offers a selection of paintings, part of a series which has been carried over for the past year, and it is based upon visits to local historic buildings. 

When inquired about this recent work, Andrew said: “As a child I was taken on many trips to stately homes and remember being fascinated by the grandeur and scale of the rooms. To this day, my memories of looking up at the ornate plaster work and crystal chandeliers twinkling in the sunlight has made a lasting impression on me. I am still thrilled by the ‘out of this world’ experience upon entering a grand house and travelling back to a bygone time. 

The work of Andrew Field aims to discover (and consequently show) the history of a place through its shapes and forms; ranging from copper and ceramic statues and fixtures to the rich architectural wood and marble carvings on doors and chairs. These elements are combined and arranged into dramatic composition which is finally painted in watercolour.   

The paintings are on a large A1 rough grain paper which captures the variety of textures of the architectural shapes and forms. Prints, signed and limited to 250, are printed with high quality gliclee inks on archival water colour paper which gives an intense depth to the blue monochrome. 

A selection of Andrew Field work will be visible at The Caversham Picture Framer (7 Church Road, Caversham RG47AA) from January 9th to February 20th.