Hand painted frames reading

Hand Painted Frames

Hand painted picture frames are the most perfect and sumptuous accompaniment to your artwork. They are designed to work in harmony with your artwork and interior. Furthermore, for mirrors, you can choose colours that compliment the rest of your space and work to create a perfectly designed interior.

Hand painted and gessoed frame in Reading

Hand Gessoed Frames

We use bespoke mouldings machined from solid wood. We cut these to size specifically to make a frame for your artwork. These frames are then frequently treated with Gesso, a form of fine plaster, to give the finest finish. This can be applied to fill the wood grain and allows the creation of a wide range of different surface textures, from smooth to impasto. This is one way in which we ensure that the hand painted picture frames enhance the textures found within the painting. Then the frame is painted in colours to enhance the artwork. Picture frames like these can really show off the style of the artwork and help it make a statement on the wall.


Hand painted picture frames can be enhanced even further, by complementing the finish by gilding features on the moulding profile. Gold catches the light and brings the opulence and tradition of gold leaf to the presentation of works, both period, and modern and contemporary. We have a significant range of different metal leafs including warm and cold golds up to 23.5ct, white golds, and coppers.

Hand painted black gloss mirror

Painted Mirrors

Mirrors can be made with hand painted picture frames to suit your particular interior. For that special location, adding light and space to your interior, nothing works as well as a mirror in a hand painted frame. The choice of a colour from the Farrow & Ball range can complement the design, from contemporary to traditional. The mirrors can be made to fit your precise location and large enough to be a significant presence in the largest spaces.