Heidi Warr


Heidi Warr is a Somerset based ceramicist who produces exquisitely detailed and decorated works.


Selected Works

Please contact the gallery https://cavershampictureframer.co.uk/visit-us/ to learn more about the works and to buy online.

Heidi says...

"It has been incredible to see how enthusiastically collectors connected with my ceramic artwork, with some designs selling out as soon as they were released. As an artist there is no higher accolade than seeing your creations take their places in loving homes and gain places in a museum to form part of the history of decorative ceramic art."

Heidi's Techniques

Heidi uses a variety of skilled techniques when making her ceramics. Slip trailing is using a clay slip (watered down clay mixed with some special ingredients) and applying it to the surface of the piece through a tubing bag with a fine nozzle.

Heidi also uses the method of incising, which is the use of a sharp implement to scratch the surface of the clay.