Liz Chaderton


Below are a range of works by watercolourist Liz Chaderton. Please call 0118 948 1610 or email for more details.

Local Reading Artist

About Liz Chaderton

Character, flow, movement; Liz Chaderton uses her medium, watercolour on canvas, to its full potential. She captures the essence of her subject as if the animal was truly moving in that position. The splashes of colour and drawn details add to their character encouraging all of us to take a second look at animals common to environment in new ways.

Liz is leading the way with watercolour on canvas. She has written a book on the subject and is soon to publish a second. It is a marvellous medium with real potential.


Liz Chaderton had a fabulous article in the Henley Standard:

BBC Berkshire Radio Interview with Bill Buckley

Liz Chaderton – Around, above and along