Chagla Mehmet

About Chagla

Chagla is a new emerging artist living and working in London. Her work places an emphasis on the process of creation, which becomes ritualistic and meditative. It often reflects on the dialogue between isolation and the warmth of being.

There is no right concept or message behind her work, instead the emphasis is placed upon the process, which becomes almost ritualistic and meditative, in hopes that the viewer will empathise and share in the experience of these feelings. She uses multimedia, working with photography, printmaking, and paint in combination to try and best describe these intentions.

East Asian philosophy and art (especially Katsushika Hokusai) has been an ongoing influence within my practice. Much of their concepts arise from nature, however rather than being direct copies of landscapes East Asian paintings are more of an expression of the artist’s thoughts and feelings. Likewise, her work depicts our surroundings, but attempts to capture the unease in humanity with stillness, acceptance, and abstraction.

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