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Heidi Warr

About Heidi Warr

For Heidi Warr art is not something just done for pleasure, but a creative force. After school Heidi Warr completed an Art and Design course at Yeovil College which gave her a good foundation of skills within different art mediums. After college she was employed at Dennis Chinaworks in Somerset, glazing pots and then moving on to become a decorator.

Over the years Heidi Warr progressed to the position of principal decorator. Works she decorated at Dennis Chinaworks have sold for thousands of pounds at Bohnams Auction House. Whilst decorating was exciting and fulfilling, she really wanted to design.

In 2012 she launched her own range of ceramics and has never looked back. Heidi Warr has been enthusiastically received by collectors with some designs selling out as soon as they were released.

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Heidi Warr slab vase

Creating pots

Each piece of Heidi Warr's ceramic artwork is unique. Each one is made by her kneading and slabbing the clay (slabbing being where the clay is cut into strips and forced back together to expel air from the clay), rolling the clay out to assemble the towers or throw the clay on a potter’s wheel to create chargers and vases.

Decorating on green-ware (green-ware is unfired clay) is a difficult process because the clay is still fragile and extreme care needs to be taken in handling the delicate forms. Slip trailing is using a clay slip (watered down clay mixed with some special ingredients) and applying it to the surface of the piece through a tubing bag with a fine nozzle. Heidi Warr also uses the method of incising, which is the use of a sharp implement to scratch the surface of the clay, this is also carried out in the green-ware stage. Colours are applied after the piece has dried out naturally, but again this is not easy as some colours resist glaze or change significantly when they are fired. The final stages are a biscuit firing, glaze firing and for some designs the application of lustres.