Keshani Douglas

Keshani Douglas is fantastic artist who specialises in soft pastel and ink still lives. Her compositions often blur the lines between abstraction and realism, allowing her to build worlds around the subject of her drawing.

About Keshani

Keshani Douglas is a Wiltshire based artist who was born London. Her focus lies in painting interesting locations and situations.

Having grown up in an artistic background Keshani is a self taught artist who has been lucky enough to understand art as second nature. Keshani is greatly influenced by her late grandfather,
Harold Philip Matthews who had been Head of Department of Painting at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts and involved with Euston Road group of artists.

Keshani enjoys working in soft pastels, pencils and inks where she can focus on colour, movement and vibrancy for a more in depth result. She also loves to work with oils as well as acrylic paints. Her work can be impressionistic and also abstract. It is important for her artwork to be bold and lively.

Keshani is an international artist who works not only from her studio based in Wiltshire but also her studio based on the island of Gozo, near Malta where she travels frequently throughout the year. She is greatly inspired by the different locations because they provide different colours, shapes, textures and light.

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