Bertie Simpson

Bertie Simpson is a new up and coming artist. His new series of drawings on sale explores the unease of the mundane during a world in lockdown. Each picture distorts stereotypical scenes with vibrant colours and twists to the perspective.

Below, Bertie has described his journey and development as an artist to date:

‘I’ve always considered myself to be an artist but it wasn’t until I moved to New York at 14 that I was able to be creative. My teacher gave me the freedom to explore my own process, which I had previously been denied during my English education. This was a real turning point in my creative education that has shaped how I make work today. When I was 18, my friend Fraser Adams and I created a skateboarding apparel company called Hamtingz. All the designs were made by myself and screen-printed by us. Having this venture alongside my artistic education enabled me to have a confidence in my work that I wasn’t always encouraged to hold so strongly.

Cartoons and skateboard graphics have always, and continue to, inspire my art. The spaces I drew during lockdown were taken from reality and thrown into a world that questioned perspective. Much like cartoons, there is a familiarity that is juxtaposed with heightened expression of colour and shape. Although this series of work has a void of human presence, the audience is invited to inhabit the space temporarily. As the original form of the work was a booklet, the viewer is taken on a tour of my house and can stay in a room for as long as they choose.

In terms of the process of my drawings, I allow myself complete creative freedom to manipulate and distort existing spaces or people. However, I will often set myself unnecessary ‘rules’ that I stick to entirely when creating pieces with different styles. It’s quite a strict process as I become obsessive with the rules that I have set to particular pieces of work: For me, it is about precision and ensuring that the final product is how I envisioned it. I will often discard works where I have adapted the set out process, even if I am happy with the outcome, the original goal will continue to remain until executed entirely.’

We look forward to seeing more of Bertie Simpson and his work in our gallery over the coming months and hope to plan an exhibition of his works next year.