Michael Norcross, The Caversham Picture Framer

29th September – 26th October 2018

Michael Norcross’ paintings and prints draw on a wide range of local subject matter and exhibit a high level of skill. At a glance the eye can be tricked into thinking they are photographs but on closer examination they reveal a precision which emerges from confident loose painterly qualities. Much of Michael Norcross’ work shows an interest in realism and colour through exploring such themes as luminosity, mood, atmosphere and shadows. Paintings include local landscapes and imagery from the immediate vicinity of his Caversham Studio; others are more complex with narrative elements. Some of his work concentrates on luminosity created by both natural and artificial light while others are studies of found objects found either on their own or arranged in compositions.

A selection of Michael’s work will be on show in our shop from 29th September – 26th October 2018.