In the studio with Roger looking at some of his quirky stone sculpture

Local stone carver and British collage artist

Roger is a brilliant local stone carver who creates intricate quirky stone sculpture from limestone, sandstone, polyphant, and rock chalk.

Quirky stone sculpture
Our current collection of quirky stone sculpture by Roger Smalley

Roger has been working with stone for over 20 years, mainly with limestone and polyphant, and more recently rock chalk. He works from drawn ideas, but also ‘free-styles’; deciding what to do while in the process of doing it. His work is playful and witty drawing on a wealth of influences and ideas.

Red Sandstone Deco Head

This Cubist style face is made from a reclaimed sandstone brick taken from the Reading Town Hall! Almost all of Roger’s quirky stone sculptures are carved from discarded or naturally created lumps of rock. Roger will often find pieces of limestone and chalk on walks which become other little creations in time. The size and shape of these found pieces often dictate the piece he goes on to create. It also enables him to work on a smaller scale. He prefers his works to be tactile and held in one’s hands. Several of his works, including some on show in our gallery, are carved on every surface and are designed to be positioned multiple ways up so that this interaction between the viewer and the sculpture can be encouraged.

We went to Roger’s incredible home and studio to learn more about his quirky stone sculpture!

Roger lives and breaths his work. His house is a mecca for everything creative. It was such a pleasure to have a tour of his studio and living space. There’s a story behind everything Roger makes, and you can clearly see his process within the work.

Roger's studio of quirky stone sculpture
Inside Roger’s studio
Quirky stone sculpture
Roger's ever growing collection of quirky stone sculpture.
Roger’s collection – spot something else you like in this picture? We can arrange for it to come to the Gallery for you.

Visit us Tuesday-Saturday 10:00-16:00 to see Roger’s work. We will make you a lovely coffee whilst you browse!